color love / 3

inspired by cake this week…!


i love the above because they are classic “party colors”- not girl or boy, just fun.


really liking the non-romantic, “girly” looking pastels lately.


i love the one above, but it is very definitive, no? it’s so coquettish!

(cakes by molly yeh… the recipes are there, too!)


Designer Diary // 3


you know what it’s like when you’re really, really busy and then all of a sudden, things die down and you finally come up for air? that is how i feel right now. it’s an amazing feeling- threads of accomplishment, relief, and satisfaction are all proudly intertwined with each other, leaving you with a buzz that’s quite unparalleled.

i just finished a couple projects for the week, and am taking a moment for some air before i dive into the next.


images via 1, 2