designer diary: early mornings


are you a morning person? lately i’ve been waking up around 5am to get a bit of extra work done before the little ones wake up. it’s actually really relaxing. i love winter mornings. they are so dark, and still and quiet. 

in addition, this past week, i’ve really been seeing my reaching out to people as far as freelance work take off. my inbox is suddenly … umm… having some emails in it, and i really couldn’t be more excited! i’m a little bit intimidated, yes, but i am looking forward to these projects and people i get to work with. i just love learning more and more, and you can get that so much easier from connecting with other people, sharing knowledge and perspectives and ideas.

it’s going to be great!

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by: amber rose on 11/19/2014

a little background

i’ve been playing around with making different desktop backgrounds… i used to never change mine, but then one day i did and now i’m like, obsessed with it! it’s always a little bit of a “new, exciting” feeling when i open my laptop and there is a new picture there. it’s like the first few days after moving your furniture around, or painting a wall in your house or something!

here’s the one i’m currently using, called “dots”:



download it here!

by: amber rose on 11/15/2014